From startup to growing enterprise, Built is a better way to scale financial management.

Automate Transaction Processing

We use best-in-class software partners to keep your general ledger healthy and up-to-date. We can even help you catch up prior periods. The days of pen and paper are over 🙂

Better & Accurate Categorization

our dedicated team will classify almost all of your transactions each month. For exceptional items, we will request your input to make sure we get it right.

On time financial reporting

Your financial statement will be consistently delivered to your inbox, on-time, each month. Our team can also build enhanced financial reports to give you more targeted actionable insight.

Paperless Invoicing & Billing

Put an end to paper cuts and turn off the printer. Our team makes paying bills and sending invoices a digital (and much smoother) process. Sort bills and invoices by due date, build a collections process and find source documents whenever they are needed.

Customized Invoicing & Payment Channel Setup

Make sure your brand communicates well even when you bill customers. Built sets up your invoicing templates, integrates your favorite payment channel and matches payments accurately as they are received.

Manage Aging Payables & Receivables

Our workflows make it easier to improve cash flow and keep your vendors happy by staying on top of what you owe and what you are owed.

Tax planning

Use our experts to plan your taxes to in order to maximize your tax savings, remain compliant with the tax authorities and run your business smoothly

Tax preparation & filing

Our experts handle the preparation of your various taxes - from VAT, annual self assessment returns, quarterly filings, annual corporate tax as well as employee taxes

Tax Audit

Our experts help you prepare your documentation before GRA comes to audit your books. Through this, youi will save yourself a lot of penalties and tax liabilities

Payroll Preparation

Our experts ensure that your payroll is processed on the software of your choice, ensuring your employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner

Payroll funding

With support from some financial partners, Built finances your payroll expenses to ensure that your employees are paid in a timely manner.

Payroll taxes

Built handles all tax liabilities that is involved in employee payroll management - from Withholding taxes to PAYE. to social security payments with SSNIT and private managers.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Understanding how it works in your business is crucial to keeping your doors open and lights on. We make sure you have a grasp of inflows and outflows so that you can always be prepared to take strategic action.

Operating Budget

Built can help you build an operating budget that makes sense for your business and that can be easily updated based on new information. You will see your budget reported against actuals each month.

Rolling Forecast

If you are on a growth trajectory, intentionally planning for the future is essential. A Built forecast is as close to a crystal ball as you can get in the business world. Our team helps you work through assumptions and optimize based on actuals, giving you a framework you can rely on when approaching critical business junctures.

Dedicated Account Managers

Get yourself dedicated account manager(s) who will lead all accounting, tax and finance functions for your business in-house. This is the professional at your beck and call on all your financial performance and reporting issues.

Real time support

Get in touch with your accounting and finance team anytime, anywhere via phone calls, Whatsapp, live chat or emails and get your issues sorted.

Scalable teams

As you grow, your accounting and finance team grows with you. We add more professionals to your team as your growth trajectory demands, even if it demands a professional onsite to manage your accounts. We have you covered from startup to growth.

How We Work

From the word go, we build your accounting and finance team for growth
  • 1

    Needs Assessment

    At Built, our first step is getting to know you and your needs. Our solution is customized to you. We ask the right questions to get to the heart of what you really want and need.

  • 2

    Custom Proposal

    We perform a quick analysis of your current accounting system to build a customized proposal with fixed, flat monthly pricing.

  • 3


    This is a 30-day process where Built transitions your books and implements any new software utilized by your business.

  • 4

    Financial Operations

    The fun part, when your assigned, dedicated team delivers best-in-class financial operations and insight to help your business grow.

Built provides solutions tailored towards your business needs.

Understanding your needs and providing on-demand access to an exclusive network of financial experts who will give you and your team the freedom to focus on what really matters — taking your business to the next level.

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