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An Accounting & Financial Partner for MSMEs

Built Accounting is the leading provider of bookkeeping, accounting and tax solutions for small to mid-sized businesses across Africa.

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We’ve got your back (office)!

58% of entrepreneurs report that bookkeeping is their least favorite aspect of owning and running a business so we set out to help them.

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Accounting & Finance Services for every business

At Built, we understand that all businesses are in different stages of development – that’s why we tailor all our services to the pertinent needs of your business; no one size fits all solutions here.

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Right tools for your business

[partner_accordion type=”accordion accordion–oneopen”][partner_accordion_content title=”Dedicated Professional Accountants”]Work with a dedicated team of accounting professionals who collectively cover all your bases, from bookkeeping to financial modeling to financial reporting.[/partner_accordion_content][partner_accordion_content title=”Cloud Accounting Technologies”]We setup our client’s back office on a suite of cloud accounting applications that makes bookkeeping and accounting simpler and also makes it easier for us to provide constant, regular support.[/partner_accordion_content][partner_accordion_content title=”Always Online Support”]Our client success team is always online to provide you with the support you need, be it on your finances and accounting matters or just general business needs that we can help with.[/partner_accordion_content][/partner_accordion][/partner_text_static_image]

How can Built assist your business?

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As a small business, keeping records can be viewed as being needless. Issuing, invoices, receipts of payment, monitoring inventory levels and dealing with the complexity of debits, credits, income statements, statement of cash flows can be very cumbersome. Built Accounting makes all these easier and simpler when we handle it for you so, you can concentrate on making more money.

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Taking time off your busy schedules to meet tax filing deadlines and having knowledge of what to be submitting and when is not usually readily available. Trust Built to keep you updated on all tax issues that affect your business, allow us to help you with tax planning and even pay your various tax obligations on your behalf.

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For management of your payroll, meet Built. We make paying your employees and payroll taxes much easier. We can either set up your payroll system or manage that on your behalf. Once you are setup, we provide you with training that will help you in simply entering the employee details while the system does the calculations. You can also instantly print payslips for your employees. All the payroll tax information will be readily available if you would like to pay your own payroll taxes.

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From cash flow projections, fundraising preparations and budgeting, we have got your back! Our team of professionals go beyond the numbers to give expert advice on business performance and decision making.


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We’ve helped over 500 businesses across Ghana to better manage their books of accounts, business taxes and their finances.

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